Fashion White Lab Coats Smarten Up Your Style, Get Admirers to Say 'Ahh'

It looks like white is the new black. Japan's Classico Style seems to think so, and to prove it they've introduced six different variations on the classic white lab coat traditionally worn by doctors, dentists, scientists and teachers. The designer Doctor McDreamy duds are touted by Classico Style as being the “World's First Fashion Lab Coat.” Can you say “Ahh”?

Sure they seem strange on first impression but consider how quickly surgical scrubs have caught on as cool, comfortable, casual clothing over the past few years. People wear them to go shopping, attend classes or just lounge around at home.

Casual as they are, surgical scrubs still impart some slight aura of status: hey, brain surgeons wear 'em, right?

The new white lab coat series introduced by Classico Style of Japan draws upon the high-status appeal of the medical, scientific and educational professions. Now any average Joe or Jane can smarten up their style and make first impressions more favorable... even if it's not your future in-laws you're out to impress.

Classico Style will be offering six different styles each for men and women through its new e-commerce website priced at up to 15,800 yen ($197.50) for women and 18,900 yen ($236.25) for men. Accessory stethoscope optional.

Looking and feeling cool in summer's heat has always been a no-brainer and now, thanks to Classico Style, looking like a rocket scientist isn't rocket science any longer. (via FashionSnap, @Press, and Professor's Round)

Apr 17, 2012
by xolineelee

World's First fashion coat

World's First fashion coat has alreday launched fashion white coats successfully   for  medical, scientific and educational professions which are designed artistically by adding traditional look  and offering a fashionable classy look that impressed me a lot.Such creativity is being populated due to its good and comfortable  features.