Fashion For The Wizard In You: Harry Potter Shoes

The Harry Potter bug has begun again with the most recent movie in theatres right now, so as kids are dreaming about looking like their favorite wizard, how could I not take a look at some of the Harry Potter fashions out there; and what better place to start than with shoes?

Snape is My Hero Harry Potter ShoeSnape is My Hero Harry Potter Shoe

Zazzle allows people to custom design their own shoes, and many of their consumers have made custom Keds in various Harry Potter styles. The unique Harry Potter designs are available for purchase in a variety of styles. A few notable varieties are the Seeker Sneakers, Snape is my Hero or the Gryffindor House Shoes. Harry Potter himself would be jealous of some of these funky designs inspired by the movies and book series!

Gryffindor House ShoeGryffindor House Shoe

Jul 31, 2009
by Anonymous


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