Fashionable Reminders, Weird Tattoo For The Memory Impaired: The To-Do Tattoo List

The To-Do Tattoo Kit is a funny temporary tattoo for anyone who has ever made a note on their hand. This strange and unique temporary tattoo is a fun way to formalize your to-do list on your body, so you never again have an excuse that you forgot anything. But, you will have to adjust your standards of personal hygiene while wearing this fashionable reminder.

The perfect gift for forgetful spouses; you can apply the tattoo and record his or her tasks yourself, so their jobs are always memorable wherever they go. However, you better not plan too far ahead, because this temporary tattoo will wash off.

This fun temporary tattoo kit for to-do lists by Perpetual Kid comes with 12 graphic to-do list tattoos which are totally skin safe, and of course, washable. While Perpetual Kid says that their To-Do Tattoo List is a tongue in cheek tribute to anyone who's ever scribbled a reminder on their hand and wrist, the funny temporary tattoos can be applied in any convenient or creative place. Need to remember your honey-do list for the rest of the week? Apply the template to your back; you can't wash that yourself anyway, right? Although you will need someone else to fill in the "to-do's" with the skin-safe washable tattoo pen and might need a trusted to-do monitor to read off your reminders perpetually from the list's location.

For just $3.99 per weird tattoo kit, the forgetful or adeptly organized can use the To-Do Tattoo Kit as a fashionable reminder.