The Fashionable Solution To A Dreary Winter: Squid London Color Changing Umbrellas

When it's a dreary winter or spring day out there, and you're hiding under the cover of an umbrella - there's little else to demonstrate you're fashion personality. Brighten up a dismal day with an accessory the adds a little pop of color in response to in climate weather.

Squidoo London UmbrellaSquidoo London Umbrella

The Squid London Color Changing Umbrellas come in a variety of designs, but they all have one thing in common. Each umbrella starts off black and white, and at the first sign of rain (or even an unpleasant splash from a passing vehicle) the white areas turn into a rainbow of color.

Color Changing UmbrellaColor Changing Umbrella

Via: Gigazine, Incredible Things

Editor's Note: Other color changing umbrellas are also available. For example, Suck UK has a line of color changing umbrellas as does Conair.

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