Fashionable Wearable Gadget: Orb Bluetooth Headset Transforms Into Ring

As the ban of cell phones in cars is slowly embraced across North American states and provinces, more people are turning to Bluetooth technology for their hands-free devices. This technology is great, but what if I told you that you could get your hands on a Bluetooth headset that also has an alternative, more fashionable purpose?

Orb Wearable GadgetOrb Wearable Gadget

In prototype only currently, but expected to be released as early as January 2010, the Orb Bluetooth headset serves its function when needed, as a listening device earpiece for phones and MP3 players, and then folds up for convenient storage as a fashion accessory. When not in use, the Bluetooth earpiece converts to a ring that can be worn on its owners finger; delivering a modern, yet somewhat futuristic wearable gadget.

No word yet on where the Orb will be for sale, but I can tell you that its suggested retail price for the base model that will be released first is about $125.

Via: TrendOriginal