Fast Food “Maid” to Order at Taiwan McDonald's

Combine Japanese-style cosplay with one of Taiwan's many McDonald's stores and you get – albeit only on New Year's Eve – a McMaid Cafe! Such was the case at store #441, the city of Kaosiung's Dingshan branch, where burgers & fries were served with a smile and male customers were addressed as “master”.

The unofficial stunt by four of store #441's female staffers was announced after the fact by an illustrated post on the store's Facebook page. There were and are no reports of any repercussions, which may be a testament to Taiwan's more laid-back work environment compared to other countries which need not be mentioned.

To be fair, the quartet of young ladies presented themselves in a clean, composed and consistent manner with matching outfits.

The lack of any fashion accessories that might have interfered with their primary duties also ensured customers had nothing to complain about. Contrast that with the nose ring served up in a Breakfast Burrito at a Lawrenceville, Georgia store yesterday... ewww.

As far as the whole “yes, master” thing goes, we haven't yet heard from Taiwanese uber-feminists who may have had issues with their Happy Meal's presentation. We'll assume female store customers were addressed as “madam” though that opens up another can of worms entirely, and the latter is something nobody wants to find at their local Mickey D's.

In the meantime, Japan's original Otaku brotherhood are probably incensed their own country's McDonald's staffers didn't come up with this idea first. It would surely be a win-win situation: store sales would increase while more Otaku would be motivated to leave Mom's basement. (via Rocketnews24 and New York Daily News)