Fat Foam Changes Home Hair Color Application


When I was younger I used to experiment with hair color for fun.  I didn’t know how good I had it back then.  I really should have just appreciated my natural color and embraced it for as long as it lasted.  Unfortunately, premature gray runs on one side of my family and I got it; at around 22 years old I started to find a gray hair here and there.  Now, in my mid-thirties I estimate that at least a third of my hair is gray, or would be if I didn’t color it regularly.

Yes, it’s sad but true.  I no longer color for fun, but just to keep from looking much older than my actual age.  It has become a tedious job for me and I get frustrated by my sometimes still poor technique, resulting in less than lasting color.  New hair color products come out regularly and I have tried pretty much all of them, but they generally all work the same way, until now.

Fat Foam by Samy is a new type of home hair color product.  The product comes with what looks like a big drink cup.  You pour in the base solution and color powder, put the lid on and shake.  After 30 seconds of shaking you are left with a thick, rich foam that you apply with your gloved hands.  The foam formula is said to provide much more even coverage, dispersing throughout the hair and enveloping the strands for mistake-free application and less mess.

I am going to have to track this stuff down and give it a try.  It looks like it may make my hair regimen a lot easier.



Source: FatFoam.com