FatePod: Connecting You With People You Wish You'd Talked To

You know those people that you meet as you go about your day that you find yourself thinking about again? The person who helped you pick up your dropped change in the supermarket line, the gentlemen that held the coffee shop door open for you, or the person who gave you their seat on the subway? Now there's a site that allows you to do more than think about these people you connected with during chance encounters.


FatePod is a networking site that allows people to try to connect with those individuals they met by chance but can't get off their mind. You know when a situation like this occurs, you often just nod, smile and go on about your business. Then later in the day, you may find your thoughts drifting back to that kind stranger. By then, of course it's too late to actually make their acquaintance under normal scenarios. So, that's where FatePod comes in. You can post your experience in hopes that the other person will see it! The idea is to make a love connection, but you could find a friend, too!

Via: CoolBusinessIdeas