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10+ Gadget Gifts For Older Dads And Grandpas


There are so many new gadgets out this year that Dads and Grandpas would love. They cover the gamut from low tech to high tech, while all being user-intuitive. In looking for the best gift ideas out there for older dads and grandpas, I searched for gadgets that are not the usual boring ideas. My picks are for some of the most effective and best rated gadgets on the market. Perfect for Father's Day and just in time to use this summer!

For your convenience, I have linked to the items. If you buy an item using one of our links, we may get a small commission for your purchase.  Some of these items are also available at other retailers.

1. Gardening Loving Boomer Dad or Grandpa Gift: The Folding Wheelbarrow Yard Cart

What a great gift for gardening dads! This Folding Wheelbarrow Yard Cart  is a soft sided canvas wheelcart that makes gardening easy. The yard cart lays flat on the ground and when it is full, it can easily be moved around. No more lifting needed! The whole thing weighs only 15 pounds, but has a 150 pound capacity.

Folding WheelbarrowFolding Wheelbarrow



2. Likes Background Noise Dad or Grandpa Gift:

Sennheiser RS-120 On Ear Wireless RF Headphones With Charging Cradle

These are my favorite TV and music stereo headphones.  These headphones bring high-quality, pretty-much distortion-free 926 MHz sound throughout the house, so if Dad likes to 'watch' TV or listen to music while doing chores, he won't miss a beat and he'll get good quality sound with the Sennheisers.  These are also great for listening to the tv or stereo without bothering anyone else in the house. For anyone who is a hard of hearing, the headphones can be cranked up loud enough to hear clearly.  They are great and highly recommended!

 Sennheiser Wireless RF HeadphonesSennheiser Wireless RF Headphones


3. No-Room-For-Exercise Boomer Dad or Grandpa Gift:  The Whole Body Pedaler

The low impact and super compact exercise machine helps give dad a complete cardio workout at home. Combining a bike-like workout for the legs with an upper-body ergometer, the Whole Body Pedaler helps Dad  maintain overall cardiovascular health and maintain or build muscle tone without strain on joints.

Whole Body PedalerWhole Body Pedaler



4. Just Want To Relax Dad or Grandpa Gift:   Etekcity ZAP Auto-Programmable Wireless Remote Control Outlet Light Switch

These plug and use light switch devices are terrific. It can make any plug into one where you can turn things on and off with a simple click of a remote rather than having to get up when Dad or Grandpa is feeling a bit lazy or creaky.  It comes with several remote buttons so Dad can control almost all the devices he needs from the bed or sofa.  They are also great in helping save money as things can be turned off and on and programmed with just a click of the remote.

Remote Control Light Switch OutletsRemote Control Light Switch Outlets


5. The Photo Loving Dad or Grandpa: Extendable Camera Selfie Stick

For any guy who is quick to take out his camera, the Camkik Extendable Selfie Stick is sure to be a great gift.  It's a universal phone holder capable of being used with most phone devices. It's super light, easy to use and adjustable from 11 inches to 40 inches and positionable for up to 180 degrees.  It's less than a foot long when folded in so it is easy to carry around.  I've used it ad love it so it is highly recommended. You can read the rave reviews and pick one up here.


6. Wine Loving Dad or Grandpa Gift: Le Creuset Lever and Foilcutter Gift Set

In this case, I can vouch for the gift ; it's the best corkscrew I've used, notably because it's fast and easy and it works as well with the new synthetic corks as the cork corks. The teflon coated corkscrew works on the toughest screws and makes the corks easy to remove. The larger ergonomic design and padded handles along with the levered corkscrew design makes it easy to use for even those with arthritis or weaker grips.  Plus the Screwpull Corkscrew is nicely presented in a gift box, and comes with foil cutter!

 Le Creuset Wine SetLe Creuset Wine Set

7. Tech Loving Dad or Grandpa Gift: The Bladeless Fan

Some dads love gadgets and some love technology; there's a difference. For the dad who wants the newest technology in everything, the Bladeless Fan will impress him as well as provide an impressive breeze in the summertime. A winner of one of Time's 2009 Best Invention awards, the Bladeless Fan uses jet engine technology to create smooth, unobtrusive air.


Bladeless FanBladeless Fan


8. High Blood Pressure Dad or Grandpa Gift: RESPeRATE Blood Pressure Lowering Device

Dads can love to do a lot of things - work, sports, exercise, gardening... but if they're not healthy, they're not going to enjoy doing those things as much as they can. Because moderating blood pressure is fundamental to avoiding many serious health conditions, give them the gift of learning how to control their own. The RESPeRATE Blood Pressure Lowering Device is the only FDA approved device to lower blood pressure. It provides immediate and ongoing feedback to the user, while he learns to control his blood pressure through breathing exercise. Monitor, breathing belt, headphones, and instructions are included. While there are excellent blood pressure monitors available like the Omron, they don't provide the full computerized feedback proven to actually help reduce blood pressure like the RESPeRATE..

RESPeRATE Blood Pressure Lowering DeviceRESPeRATE Blood Pressure Lowering Device


9. The Achy Dad Or Grandpa Gift: Pain Relief Electronic Pulse Massager

Long used by physical therapists and chiropractors to stimulate blood flow to muscles, portable TENS machines are now available for home use.  TruMedic TENS Handheld Electronic Pulse Massager  is a top-rated low-priced massager that has both preset programs and ones that can be set yourself.  With its four electrode pads, the TruMedic TENS massages sore spots and, because the user decides at what speed and pressure it will do that, he can maximize whatever results are derived from the machine. For dads and grandpas that suffer from chronic soreness, stiffness, or pain, this massager may provide much needed relief.

TruMedic TENS Handheld Electronic Pulse Massager UnitTruMedic TENS Handheld Electronic Pulse Massager Unit


10. Summer-Loving Dad or Grandpa Gift: Backpack Cooler Chair

Whether he's a bird-watcher, an outdoor concert lover, or the coach of a little league team, this Backpack Cooler Chair is great for transporting his gear and having a seat in a special place. The chair weighs only 13 lbs., folds to a mere 10" wide, and has two shoulder straps for comfortably carrying the unit as a backpack. The Cooler has storage for a picnic of hot or cold food and even has pockets!  It also has an integrated two story shelf that can be used for handy storage of goodies. 


11. The Outdoor Dad or Grandpa: Therapik Mosquito Bite Reliever

The Therapik Mosquito Bite Reliever is a gadget that provides instant relief for 20,000 types of insect bites and sea creatures. Using patented technology, the Therapick delivers heat in the perfect range to neutralize venom. In as little as 30 seconds, pain and itching from bites are gone. If your dad has sweet blood that attracts mosquitoes, this device is a miracle tool. 


Have a Happy Father's Day. I hope you are able to enjoy Father's Day with your dad and grandpa.

Keeping you posted...

(UPDATE: If any of the items listed in this article are no longer available or you need more ideas, we suggest you look for other great gift ideas for Dads and Grandpas at Hammacher.)

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