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10 Gadget Gifts For Boomer Dads And Grandpas


There are so many new gadgets out this year that Dads and Grandpas would love. They cover the gamut from low tech to high tech, while all being user-intuitive. (Personally, I know many dads and grandpas who don't want a new hobby for Father's Day!) Father's Day is coming soon, and these gadget gifts will be just in time to use this summer!

1. Summer-Loving Dad or Grandpa Gift: The Backpack Cooler Chair

Whether he's a bird-watcher, an outdoor concert lover, or the coach of a little league team, this Backpack Ccooler Chair is great for transporting his gear and having a seat in a special place. The chair weighs only 13 lbs., folds to a mere 10" wide, and has two shoulder straps for comfortably carrying the unit as a backpack. The Cooler has storage for a picnic of hot or cold food and even has pockets!  It also has an integrated two story shelf that can be used for handy storage of goodies. 

2. Gardening Loving Boomer Dad or Grandpa Gift: The Folding Wheelbarrow

What a great gift for gardening dads! This Folding Wheelbarrow has a steel alloy frame, but the body is made out of PVC-lined polyester! The whole thing weighs only 20 pounds, but has a 250 pound capacity.(Update: This is no longer available but this folding wheelbarrow gets excellent reviews.)


Folding WheelbarrowFolding Wheelbarrow



3. No-Time-For-Exercise Boomer Dad or Grandpa Gift: The Foldaway 39 Exercise Gym

Steel-framed, yet only 45 pounds, this foldaway gym is a sturdy resistance trainer, with weight-equivalents of 5 to 37 pounds. Includes printed diagrams of 39 different exercises for your whole body and 10 different workout programs. (Update: This item is no longer available. Perhaps the space smart exercise peddler or the always excellent total gym may be a good alternative?)


Foldaway 39 Exercise GymFoldaway 39 Exercise Gym



4. Chef Dad or Grandpa Gift: The Best Electric Knife Sharpener

The Best Electric Knife Sharpener was the only one to score 'perfect' on knife sharpening and the only one that could also sharpen kitchen sheers in Hammacher Schlemmer's tests. One slot has diamond-coated wheels that restore knives to their original conditions and the other slot is a finishing slot for polishing or sharpening serrated edges. (Update: This item is no longer available. An excellent option is this sharpener.)


The Best Electric Knife SharpenerThe Best Electric Knife Sharpener



5. Nature Lover Dad or Grandpa Gift: The Therapik

A hike is rarely complete without a few insect bites. But one zap will get the itch out of the mosquito bite and the sting out of the bee sting. Completely drug free, the Therapik gadget uses heat to bring blood flow to the area. Works on many insect bites and stings. Runs on 9-volt battery.





6. Wine Loving Dad or Grandpa Gift: Screwpull Lever Model Elegance Corkscrew

In this case, I can vouch for the gift ; it's the best corkscrew I've used, notably because it's fast and easy and it works as well with the new synthetic corks as the cork corks. Plus the Screwpull Corkscrew is nicely presented in a gift box, and comes with a little table rest, foil cutter, and even an extra screw! (Update: This exact item is no longer available, but this is another excellent option or this less expensive one.)


Screwpull Lever Model Elegance CorkscrewScrewpull Lever Model Elegance Corkscrew

7. The Businessman Dad or Grandpa Gift: The Cramp Free Pen

For all those who still write with a pen, for whatever reason, they deserve to have a pen that doesn't cause hand cramping. The Cramp Free Pen looks more like a some sort of fancy tweezers than a pen, but its shape is ergonomically designed to allow your hand to rest on, not grip, the writing instrument. The chrome-finished aluminum pen has rubber grips on three sides to provide a bit of traction for your fingers and thumbs, and it's right and left handed. Gift-boxed with two refills too! (Update: This exact item is no longer available. But you can get almost identical pen for a few dollars here.)

Cramp Free PenCramp Free Pen Cramp Free PenCramp Free Pen



8. Tech Loving Dad or Grandpa Gift: The Bladeless Fan

Some dads love gadgets and some love technology; there's a difference. For the dad who wants the newest technology in everything, the Bladeless Fan will impress him as well as provide an impressive breeze in the summertime. A winner of one of Time's 2009 Best Invention awards, the Bladeless Fan uses jet engine technology to create smooth, unobtrusive air.


Bladeless FanBladeless Fan



9. High Blood Pressure Dad or Grandpa Gift: RESPeRATE Blood Pressure Lowering Device

Dads can love to do a lot of things - work, sports, exercise, gardening... but if they're not healthy, they're not going to enjoy doing those things as much as they can. Because moderating blood pressure is fundamental to avoiding many serious health conditions, give them the gift of learning how to control their own. The RESPeRATE Blood Pressure Lowering Device provides immediate and ongoing feedback to the user, while he learns to control his blood pressure through breathing exercise. Monitor, breathing belt, headphones, and instructions are included.


RESPeRATE Blood Pressure Lowering DeviceRESPeRATE Blood Pressure Lowering Device


RESPeRATE Blood Pressure Lowering DeviceRESPeRATE Blood Pressure Lowering Device


10. The Retired Dad or Grandpa Gift: The Capacious Portable Hammock

What a place to hang out... and it's portable - just fold it up and pack in in its shoulder bag; take it with you so you can rest wherever you are! It weighs just 33 pounds. Open, the Capacious Portable Hammock holds up to 6'7" and 300 pounds of dad, or dad and a partner. (Its shape makes it comfy for two, too!) Sways back and forth and back and forth and back and... (Update: This is no longer available. But this hammock may be a good option.)


Capacious Portable HammockCapacious Portable Hammock

Capacious Portable HammockCapacious Portable Hammock


Have a Happy Father's Day. I hope you are able to enjoy Father's Day with your dad and grandpa.

Keeping you posted...

(UPDATE: Several of the items listed in this article are no longer available. We suggest you look for other great gift ideas for Dads and Grandpas here at Hammacher. )

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