Fatigue Preventing Sunglasses Don't Need A Prescription

Did you know that our eye color fades as we age?  Well, it does, and that's another dirty trick nature pulls on us. But more, or just as, important as our dimming eye color, the same pigment reduces its eye protection features.  Here's a pair of sunglasses which can't restore the protection, but can substitute the protection, and you can get them without even having a prescription.


Eye Fatigue Preventing SunglassesEye Fatigue Preventing Sunglasses


The melanin you lose as you age, estimated to be about 50 percent by the time you turn 65, protects your eyes by filtering out UVA/UVB ultraviolet rays, and from the UV damage that leads to cataracts, macular degeneration, and other causes of vision loss. And the melanin also protects your eyes from blinding glare.

The Eye Fatigue Preventing Sunglasses use synthetic melanin in the lenses, which helps to revive tired eyes and protect them by filtering out 100% of damaging UVA/UVB ultraviolet and 98% of high-energy visible light.  And the sunglasses are polarized so they reduce harmful glare that, when you're driving, can threaten to steer you right off the road!

The Eye Fatigue Preventing Sunglasses are smartly designed to block sunlight coming in from all angles, as eye doctors recommend, And as I mentioned you don't need a prescription... because they fit right over your regular glasses. 

A nylon frame and shatter-resistant, polycarbonate lenses ensure a long life for these eye-protecting sunglasses; and, if that's not enough, Hammacher Schlemmer gives them the company's own lifetime guarantee.


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