Faux Apple iShampo for 'Original, Revolutionary, Surprising and Elegant' Hair

Introducing iShampo, an oddly familiar-looking shampoo and conditioner combo from China that challenges those with drab, dull, PC-hair to “Let’s Change the World Again” from the comfort of their morning shower. 

That's what iShampo's product information page actually reads, according to RocketNews24, and there's more: “Original, revolutionary, surprising and elegant. This is the essence of Apple. Experience the ultimate wash with iShampo.” The late Steve Jobs himself couldn't have put it any better, though it's exceedingly doubtful Apple's founder and former CEO would ever approve “Apple Shampoo,” or even "Apple Shampo."

The labels on the back of iShampo's bottles do state it's an officially licensed Apple product, however, so who's gonna argue with that? Cue a rabid wolfpack of Cupertino-based copyright lawyers in 3... 2... 1...

iShampo was available for purchase online at Taobao, China's leading internet shopping mall, priced at 49.9 yuan (around $7.85) per 800 ml bottle. The shampo, er, shampoo comes in a white bottle while the complementary conditioner comes in a black bottle – buy both and get a buck off!

We did say “was” available; the link to the seller's site at Taobao appears to be on the frizz, er, fritz. Apple's legal beagles have long memories and an even longer reach, it seems. (via RocketNews24, Ministry of Tofu, and MOP)

Nov 4, 2011
by Anonymous


In Dubai you do get an I Phone designed in China and made in California :)

Nov 9, 2011
by Anonymous


Cool! Where can I buy those?