Faux Fake Sinking Yacht Cries Sea Wolf

Why build a yacht that looks like it's sinking? Probably for the same reason some guys mount their car's body backwards on the chassis, or Steve Martin wore a fake arrow that appeared to go right through his head - because they can!

Don't call 911, the Coast Guard or the harbor patrol - this faux sinking yacht only LOOKS like it's halfway to Davy Jones' locker, which is the whole point of the exercise.

Below the waterline, the ship's form follows its function with a combination keel & rudder, and a propeller to provide motive power as it doesn't seem to carry sails - just a mast.

Who built this yacht-not and where it can be seen are facts not disclosed by Web Park, the Russian website that posted a host of images with very little explanatory text.

Though the captain looks comfortable enough and his semi-ship even has a berth at the local marina, one wonders just how seaworthy his structurally challenged vessel is in rough weather... and if it starts to sink, will anyone notice? (via Gigazine)

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Apr 4, 2010
by Anonymous

sinking yacht

I wonder if its called the "AMERICA"? Seems it'd fit very well.

May 30, 2012
by Anonymous

The writer did an awesome

The writer did an awesome job! And I am American. And I couldn't agree more. Free me from this country.