FCC Takes Transformer Pad Infinity For A Spin

All the way back in January, Asus displayed a souped-up version of its already premium Transformer Prime tablet, dubbed the Prime Infinity, at its booth during the CES show. This device offered up an impressive 1920x1200-pixel resolution on its 10” screen, up from the 1280x800 in the vanilla Prime. Though this show of strength left many people drooling, there haven't been any updates on the device since then.

Well, good news, folks. Engadget has reported that the FCC took the WiFi version of the Prime Infinity into its labs for a review. Along with the above diagrams came the model number TF700T and the knowledge that the device has an Nvidia Tegra 3 processor inside. Apparently, anyway. The linked page on the FCC site now gives an “You are not authorized to access this page” error when clicked, so we'll just have to trust Engadget.

In any case, Asus originally projected a mid-second-quarter release for the Transformer Prime Infinity. It should definitely be coming soon.

UPDATE: The Prime Infinity is now available in the market and can be seen here is in grey and champagne colors.

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