Go Ahead And Tickle Someone With This Feather Art

Bear HugBear Hug

Feather artist Julie Thompson creates gorgeous artwork painted delicately onto peacock feathers.

I’m sure you’ve all received that forwarded email going around with hand-painted feathers in it but always wondered who did it or if it was even real. Well, now you know!

Black BearBlack Bear

Born and raised in Alaska, Julie Thompson has been painting feathers since the early 1990s. She says that it is a painstaking process and that creating just one piece of feather art often takes her weeks.

Gone FishingGone Fishing

Grey SquirrelGrey Squirrel

Known to some people as the "Featherlady", she states: “I began painting feathers back in 1990, purely as a means of putting to use all the broad sturdy wing feathers that my mother's peacocks would shed.  I had never seen this done before, but knowing the bonding properties of acrylic paint, I thought it was a feasable experiment.  I began with simple subject matters like pictographs and still-lifes, but soon that grew to a very broad range of subject matter.”

Putting Eagles To FlightPutting Eagles To Flight

Lil' StinkersLil' Stinkers

A wildlife artist mostly self-taught, Julie mainly uses naturally-molted peacock wingfeathers as her canvas. She finds that these feathers blend well as a background for her wildlife paintings and portraits.

Moonlit RompMoonlit Romp

Morning StrollMorning Stroll

Winter's RefugeWinter's Refuge


If you want to own one of these, it’ll cost you around $275. It would sure make a great conversation piece, especially if you are one of those boring people who have absolutely nothing to talk about. Then you could be considered cool, all because you own a piece of feather art.


Copyrighted images used with permission. Please visit Julie Thompson's website to see more of her amazing feather art!