Fee Hotel For Fashion Designers & Creative Types At Creator’s Inn

 The Creator's Inn in Gothenburg, Sweden takes the term starving artist literally. So to keep artists and creators visiting the city off the streets, they offer free accommodation at the Creator's Inn. If you're a starving artist, travel to Gothenburg, and you'll be taken care of!

The Creator's Inn is a joint work and living space created by European clothing brand Elvin. Visiting creatives to Gothenburg can be inspired in the creative workspace and create themselves ragged in the basement workshop or upstairs music studio; and then once the creative juices stop flowing, they can crash for the night in one of the 4 bedrooms and living spaces and restore their creative energies by cooking and dining in the kitchen.

The Creator's Inn offers their accommodation to creatives who are visiting the city to help with their organizers' fashion events. However, when there is space available, they will accept applications from other visiting creatives who can sell themselves and the creative arts that they can bring to Gottenburg. The Creator's Inn is based on the ideology Creative Social Responsibility which is based on businesses managing their business processes to make an overall positive impact to society. So, if you're an artist planning a trip to Gottenburg, contact the Creator's Inn and plead your creative case.