Feed Your Pet From Your iPhone: Pintofeed™ Intelligent Pet Feeder™


With Wi-Fi devices we can watch our pets from afar, we can call them and tell them to come home, and we can even play with them from a distance.  Starting this November, we'll be able to feed them from wherever we are with Pintofeed, The Intelligent Pet Feeder.  Our pets can now have virtual owners....


Pintofeed, The Intelligent Pet Feeder: image via indiegogo.comPintofeed, The Intelligent Pet Feeder: image via indiegogo.com


Seriously, as much time as we spend with our pets, we humans are not as regulated as they are.  Pets know exactly what time it is when it's feeding time, and that might be a time when we are working, exercising, out for a drink with our friends, or out of town for a day - or, we would like to be. The Pintofeed helps you keep your own plan, while Buster and Kitty keep their feeding schedules. 

Pintofeed is intelligently designed. It has very smart, clean lines, and it serves a precise amount of food to your pet whenever you press the button on your iPhone or set it to serve the same times every day in advance.  In fact, the Pintofeed app works with any Android, iOS, and Windows 8 operating system, making it usable by many pet owners. And multiple pet owners will like the fact that they can feed several pets (up to 50!) with the same app.


 Pintofeed's sleek design: image via indiegogo.comPintofeed's sleek design: image via indiegogo.com


Pintofeed, fill from the top: image via indiegogo.comPintofeed, fill from the top: image via indiegogo.com


The app is easy to use and opens with a simple bullseye you can't miss.  Press it with your thumb and Buster and/or Kitty gets fed; once the food is dispensed, you will get a mission accomplished message.  Not only does this smart phone app operate your pet's food dispensing, but it keeps track of what she eats and compares it to what other dogs and cats are consuming on a daily basis.

Pintofeed got its initial funding through crowdsourcing on Indiegogo last December and will be ready to ship in November, 2013.  You can reserve your Pintofeed now through Pintofeed.com to be among the first to receive the feeder when it is available. No deposit is required.

(UPDATE: The name of this product has now changed to PetNet Smartfeeder. As of April 2015, the SmartFeeder is still not yet available.)



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