Feel Good Ripple: A Canadian Project Built On Kindness And Giving Back

If we could, most of us would take the opportunity to give back and put a smile on the face of someone else, but we just don't always know where to start or don't have the ample financing available to make our aspirations a reality.  The Canadian Credit Union Servus has spearheaded a project just focused on good deeds.

Feel Good RippleFeel Good Ripple

The idea of Feel Good Ripple is simple - start giving and catch the bug. The Canadian Credit Union has provided $200,000 to be distributed to individuals around Canada in $10 increments; money that's to be used to do something nice for someone else, creating a ripple effect of good deeds. Those involved in the project can share their feel good stories on the company's website in order to inspire others into doing good deeds. The Canadian Credit Union is hoping that by funding this project, they will remind others how great it feels to give and encourage them to do more of it!

Critics are saying it's a great concept, but one that would never float South of the border in the United States - what do you think?

Oct 22, 2009
by Anonymous

Feel good

Kiva is another feel good site. For $25. you can help sponsor someone in a need of financial support for their job. My first was for a lady who needed a new freezer. She made her living selling frozen bags of juice flavoured water in the Congo. I've lent 10 times, 3 have paid me back and I just loan it out again. Worth having a look at to see the kind of people they lend to.

Oct 23, 2009
by Anonymous

Advertisement gimic

But a very good one that will hopefully spread some smiles and god stories :)