Feeling Down? Pop Right In For An Intravenous Pick-Me-Up!


Drop-in IV drip therapy, a new service offered by Tenteki10, caters to those stressed-out by Tokyo's infamous crowds, commuting and corporate culture. Why not just gulp down an energy drink or two, you may ask? Doubtless many Tokyoites do just that, but for some 30 or so clients each day, it's simply not enough.

"Many people suffer from exhaustion, insomnia and backaches on a daily basis because they don't take proper care of themselves," according to one of the doctors at Tenteki10's clinic located on the 4th floor of the Ebisu Garden Place Tower. "They try supplements, home remedies or cheap energy injections. Some of these ailments cannot be healed that way and could possibly develop into more serious illnesses, including depression."

Just a few minutes and one little prick - and, you won't get pregnantJust a few minutes and one little prick - and, you won't get pregnant


Since the pace of life in Tokyo is fast - obviously too fast to book an actual doctor's appointment - Tenteki10 is here to blow your blues away. Here's how it works: simply walk in (no appointment necessary), slap down your 2000 yen (about $20), take a seat and wait for the prick. No, not Dr. House, the nice nurse who's going to hook you up with the IV drip. Ten minutes later, pull the plug and off you go, ready to take on Godzilla himself!

Tenteki10 is kind of like an IV café - choose from ten options providing different effects or five extra-cost "courses" of treatment. All the poking & probing is conducted by certified doctors and nurses, although it should be noted that Japan's National Health Insurance plan doesn't cover the charges. Umm, you might want to buy a jar of foundation on your way out to cover the track marks before heading back to the office, though. (via Japan Today)