The Feline Rec Room Is Like A Furnished Apartment For Cats

When space is so limited in an apartment, it's hard to fit in all the toys and ladders and cubby holes and beds your cat might prefer if circumstances allowed more room to put them.  But the designers of the Feline Rec Room considered most of kitty's recreational needs when they developed this furnished apartment for your cats.



The Feline Rec Room is only 10" x 11" x 20", but it manages to pack in many cat pleasures.  The wood-framed box provides a nice dark place for kitty to hide out, and it  has large entry/exit holes on both sides, so your little devil can scamper through it when she imagines she's being chased.   The holes in the sides are perfect for her to surprise Buddy the dog with a swat as he passes by.  And the toys (a tassel and what looks like a furry octopus) can engage your cat in play from inside or out of the apartment.

Of course the roof of the Rec Room is covered with her favorite scratching material - sisal - on a perfect kitty-cat scratching angle.  Nappy times will be sweet too on the 2" thick washable mattress, covered with a soft quilted cotton surface.  What luxury!

Of course kitty will have to trot down the hall to use her litter box, but she'll probably be happy to do that.

The Feline Rec Room comes with a lifetime guarantee from Hammacher Schlemmer.


That's the buzz for today, kitties!