Feng Shui Compass: For Inner Order, Direction and Wha?

The art of Feng Shui is as respected today in China as it was in the ancient world. Digital Feng Shu, however, can only be something else, especially at the price of $500 dollars per compass. Whatever happened to common sense, which has been the force for feng shui application to structures since its inception many centuries ago? Why does one need a compass to figure it out? Are we going on an invisible voyage, so to speak? Well, perhaps so.


The Fortune Feng Shui Compass is a hand-held precision instrument that calculates complex feng shui applications easily. Remarkably, this compass is the very first electronic compass of its kind to combine aerospace technology with ancient mathematical calculations that unlock the intricate secrets of feng shui and make them available to everyone.

Feng Shui, in order to be accurate, is dependant on precise compass measurements. Unlike conventional compasses, the Fortune Compass provides exact readings even when it is not held perfectly level. When calibrated, the user can expect accuracy maintained up to 30-degrees of pitch or tilt.

The Fortune Compass is very easy to operate. The user simply aims it in the direction where measurement is desired. Results are then viewed on the colorful LCD screen. As the directions change, so will the measurements as they adjust to the user’s movements. The sharp bright display makes readings easy to decipher and there are hundreds of combinations of personalized screen backgrounds to choose from.

Personalizing Feng Shui is a very specific art form. It begins with calculations called Gua Numbers, which are based on the user’s birth date. Once the Fortune Compass has this primary information, it will help the user tap into his or her favorable (Fortunate) directions in every situation.

The Fortune Feng Shui Compass is ready to transport you on your next feng shui journey from which you may or may not return.

Bon Voyage.

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