Ferrari Design Students to Attend Modena University: Provide Better Cars for the Future

While most automotive designers will be happy with a job working for one of the several huge car companies across the globe, there are a few who have set their sights even higher. From them, exotics are what they want to design and they will settle for nothing else. Which raises the question: "Where do the men and women who design the exotic imports attend school?" If it's Ferrari, they will be attending the new Mille Chili Laboratory housed in Modena University.

The lab was built in an attempt to find ways for Ferrari to reduce its carbon footprint in the near future. The vehicles they will be designing will be less, or close to the 1000kg mark, thanks to the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia's engineering department. They will be training Ferrari's finest on ways of reducing the weight of the chassis and other components.

The lab itself is equipped with software and hardware provided by Ferrari, as well as chassis designing equipment. The students will also have complete access to the Ferrari design team for those tough homework assignments.