A Few Crazy Food Concepts From Japan

Among their many contributions to the world, the Japanese are famed for their ingenuity and ability to create concepts which many of us would never have dreamed of, let alone contemplated one day buying. Whilst these may not be found on the shelves of your local store, let's face it, what's more fun that having a look at some truly crazy food inventions? A few of these have been around for awhile but they are still worth sharing:

The Noodle Splashguard

This crazy food contraption is designed to protect the clothes of any noodle eater out there. Far from the most becoming bib, those brave enough to wear it in a restaurant should be given a pat on the back...as the police take them away that is.

Noodle splashguardNoodle splashguard

Lip Balm-Style Butter

Get the butter from the fridge, bring it to room temperature, get a knife, spread the butter. This is just too much work! So thank god the Japanese have invented a butter lip balm. Simply give it a turn and out pops your butter. 

Why not? Lip balm-style butterWhy not? Lip balm-style butter

There are certain safety benefits to this invention. Afterall, everybody knows that a knife is far from subtle. You risk bread tearing as well as many other worrying potential hazards. Basically it comes down to this; if smooth bread buttering means as much to you as it does to me, then look no further than this crazy but convenient food invention.

The Swiss Army Garden Tool

Everybody wishes that they had a giant Swiss Army knife which held an array of garden tools....don't they? This crazy yet ingenius garden invention makes endless trips to the shed a thing of the past. Whether you want to trim the edges of the grass or just dig up some soil, this crazy invention will have any tool you need. 

Easier and weirder gardeningEasier and weirder gardening

The Noodle Fan

This is for the tongue burners out there. It is a food-related problem as old as food itself. You prepare a lovely hot meal, you get ready to take your first bite, but as soon as the food reaches the promised land (your mouth) it burns your tongue. Not only can this ruin the taste of the food but it can also leave you with quite a horrible pain in your mouth for a few hours. Well.....

Can cooling your noodles go too far?Can cooling your noodles go too far?

GOODBYE PAIN! After you have cooled down your noodle-form nutrients with this fan you will be able to say farewell for good to those overly hot dinner destroying noodles.

So! Whilst a trip to Japan might be necessary if any of these inventions tickle your fancy, you can always dream that one day a casual walk down the road will find you staring into a shop window at a Swiss Army style gardening tool or a noodle cooler.

Source: Apartment Therapy