Field Of Bad Dreams: 13 Bizarre & Creepy Japanese Scarecrows

If you build it, they will run. Ray Bolger's beloved brainless straw man from The Wizard of Oz notwithstanding, scarecrows are supposed to be scary... to crows. Japanese farmers take the concept to a whole new terrifying level, however, with scarecrows so disturbing they freak out anyone or any bird who sees them.

School Children Of The Corn

Oh those happy-go-lucky Japanese schoolgirls, sweetly giggling to one another while squealing “KAWAII!” at the drop of a frilly pink Rilakkuma hat. Every silver lining has its cloud, however, and this is it. Kudos to the deranged farmer who thought it was a nice touch to embellish the scene with a row of disembodied heads. (bizarre scarecrow image via Moronail)

Yankee Crow Home

Toto, I've got a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore... then again, considering the incendiary tone of this year's political discourse some red state wheat farmers just might find this scarecrow appealing instead of merely appalling. (bizarre scarecrow image via Sandomachikai)

Assassins In The Outfield

Hey sports trivia lovers, did you know that somewhere in southern Japan there's a baseball team called the Assassins – or “Asasins”, as they spell it? Their starting lineup is a modern day Murderer's Row, the ace pitcher's got a killer pick-off move and they lead the league in sacrifice bunts. (bizarre scarecrow image via Kamomechan)

Nifty Shades Of Horror

We'd love to ask  the farmer who installed this odd scarecrow where the rest of the body is but on second thought, we don't want to know... that's what the police and forensic investigators are for. As for the sporty shades the, er, scare-head's rocking, the farmer probably just wanted to make him look more natural. (bizarre scarecrow image via News That Should Not Be News to Ehime)

Hell Oh Kitty

Here's Hello Kitty, worldwide icon of cute & cuddly sweetness, impaled on a post in the middle of a rural rice field. Not to worry, she has no mouth so no one can hear her scream. (bizarre scarecrow image via Anything Takayama)



Cro Cro Cro

Christmas is coming but Santa's undecided... one might say he's still on the fence. The owner of this farm's keeping a low profile but according to residents of nearby Whoville he's mean, green, and has a heart three sizes too small. (bizarre scarecrow image via Ma-Ru.Papa)


They sent him on a mission and set him up to fail. But they made one mistake. They forgot they were dealing with Scarecro. Filmed live on location in 3D with Surround-Sound. (bizarre scarecrow image via Kazuo Unno's Insects World of Digital)

Mannequin Peace

Just try plowing a field with THIS guy silently staring you down... the back forty's furrows are gonna look mighty wavy from looking over your shoulder every few seconds. As freaky as this scene looks in daylight, imagine bringing in the crops beneath the spectral light of a Harvest Moon. (bizarre scarecrow image via Shonan Insect Diary)

Big Bird vs Black Birds

OK, so Big Bird's an evil genius and a menace to our economy, we get that, but isn't crucifixion a bit harsh? More importantly, did a Japanese farmer borrow money from China to pay for this scarecrow? (bizarre scarecrow image via

Enjoy Your Fright

Nice to see the film actress who played vengeful ghostly housewife Kayako Saeki has found work lately, though it appears her character made such a disturbing impression she's now hopelessly typecast. One hopes she doesn't bear a grudge. (bizarre scarecrow image via ParkClint)

Lips Sick

It's not enough to scare the crows these days, Japan's newest model scarecrows EAT the feathered thieves – or so it looks. Word to the farmer who thought his embellishments were a good idea: save the red touch-up paint for your car and leave make-up application to your wife. (bizarre scarecrow image via Tokyo Times)

Get In The Caw!!

You'll never get away with it, Heckle & Jeckle! Japanese rednecks don't put their old cars up on blocks, they put them up on stilts. Someone oughta install a motion sensor inside that sounds the siren and flashes the lights when crows get too close. (bizarre scarecrow image via Castelli Shoe Workshop)

Demon Seeds

We all know how vigilant Gene Simmons is when it comes to guarding KISS's copyrights, so it's good to know he's just as serious about protecting Japanese crops. We don't know if this KISS Army of One spits blood & fire at crows who get too close but we'd like to believe he does. (bizarre scarecrow image via Golden Times)


Scarecrows, or “kakashi” as they're known in Japan, have been guarding farmers' fields for centuries without raising an eyebrow... until now. Japanese crows have been raiding those same fields all the while and regardless of how weird the scarecrows get, show few if any signs of stopping. Since it's obvious the farmers have to step up their game to Stark Raven Mad, we'd advise you to hang onto your eyebrows. (bizarre scarecrow images via Kaz1photo, top, and Sunday Seconds, above)

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