The Fiesta-Five: A Wearable Confetti Celebration

High fives offer a great way for friends and family to rejoice when something exciting happens and a hug or pat on the back just don't quite fit the bill, and low fives are too underwhelming for the situation. But what if you could wear a device that creates the most epic of high fives each and every time?

Fiesta fiveFiesta five

 Clearly, the creators of Fiesta-Five thought it was essential to let people have truly satisfying high fives anytime the situation demands them. And, one thing I think we can all agree on is the fact that sometimes the sound of two hands meeting in the air just is not good enough.  

Understanding this, some wise individuals created the Fiesta-Five. If you wear this item against your palm, the next time you want to deliver a high five, there will be a confetti celebration on impact. Choose when to use it wisely, because you just need someone that is going to appreciate the joy that you are bringing to the scenario.

High fiveHigh five

The creators promise that the device is pain-free. And, the confetti it comes with is biodegradable so you don't need to worry that your celebrations are taking a toll on the environment. The Fiesta-Five is also designed to be refillable, so you don't just need to celebrate once before the show's all over.

This might not be a fashion item, but it is a fun wearable device, and that's almost better than things made for the sole purpose as being worn. Don't ya think? 

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