Be Your Own God In The Virtual Villagers Video Game: New Believers

If you're familiar with simulation games, then you might have already heard about Virtual Villagers. It's one of the longest-running video game series that's still gaining momentum with each release. Each game begins with a simple storyline that underlines the basic goal that you need to achieve for your villagers. As their "god", your task is to care for the tribe and make your village grow by providing them with their basic needs and helping them gain technology to research and fight diseases.

Virtual Villagers: New Believers is the fifth installment of the saga which follows the gameplay of its predecessors closely. The discovery of a hidden relic at the edge of your villagers' homes prompts the village elders to put together an exploration team to investigate. The game then begins by letting you choose the villagers with the abilities you want and giving you the option to rename them.

Your villagers will eventually be captured by the heathens during their exploration. It's up to you to ensure that they have enough food and are sheltered while they're imprisoned on the enemy's side of the island. You can control the actions of your villagers simply by dragging and dropping them to areas of the village where you think they could be of use. This will "trigger" them to perform a certain action and make them use resources or tools that are specific to each area. For example, you can drag a villager to a fruit bush to make him collect berries for their food bin or leave a village on a patch of land to make him start farming. You have to make sure that your original villagers don't die out or else you'll have to start with a new tribe all over again.

Aside from taking care of your villagers, you also have to complete sixteen puzzles based on events and several locations scattered all over the heathens' village. You can discover how to find and solve these puzzles yourself or check the official game guide if you have the Developer's Edition of the game.

A huge addition to this chapter are the "god-like" actions that you can perform to directly influence and cause events to occur in the village. These include unleashing swarms of bees onto the village and changing the weather to bringing back villagers from the dead and causing earthquakes to occur when you get to the more advanced levels.

The game runs in real-time, so events will continue to occur and your villagers will continue to age even if the game is closed. Make sure to check in with the game (and your villagers) regularly or you might find your villagers dead or dying the next time you decide to play.

Visit the Developer's site for this game: Virtual Villagers: New Beginnings
Download a demo or purchase the game here: Big Fish Games