Fifty Nifty Gifted Uplifters - Inspiring Kids To Do Great Things

"I want to persuade you to spend time in the classroom, talking and showing young people what it is that your work can mean, and what it means to you. I want to encourage you to participate in programs to allow students to get a degree in science fields and a teaching certificate at the same time. I want us all to think about new and creative ways to engage young people in science and engineering, whether it's science festivals, robotics competitions, fairs that encourage young people to create and build and invent - to be makers of things, not just consumers of things."
                             - President Obama, April 27, 2009, National Academy of Sciences Annual Meeting

One criticism that has been leveled at Barack Obama is that he's an excellent speaker, but actions speak louder than words. So any time his words become reality, it has to be a good thing.

And that's what's happening in Washington DC, where the USA Science and Engineering Festival is inviting Festival Partners to answer Obama's call to action, and engage with school children across the district. The Festival's Nifty Fifty (times 2) program will bring passionate scientists and engineers into classrooms, where they will discuss the work they love, how they got to do what they love, and the possibilities that are present for young people in their particular disciplines.

The Festival is now accepting nominations for the 100 professionals who will inspire young people to do great things, for themselves, and for the country. Which is really what the USA Science and Engineering Festival is all about: