Fight The Cold With Booze Smuggling Mittens

Alcohol concealing wearable items are not a new trend, but they're often lacking the functionality of the original item. The ability to covertly smuggle alcohol is of course the priority, but serving dual functions would be far more practical, don't you think? This winter, a greatly innovative solution has been delivered that has seasonal benefits. Mitten FlaskMitten Flask

When you're out skating, skiing, tobogganning, or some other fun winter activity where outside hurts your face, it's hard to get through the day without turning into a character from Frozen. For centuries (we can assume), individuals have turned to liquor to fight the cold, since taking a shot immediately delivers a warming sensation. But these days, toting around liquor in public just isn't widely accepted, and there's no faster way to ruin winter fun than to be arrested. 

That's why the Mitten Flask is so fantastic, because the mittens keep your fingers nice and toasty, just as mittens are designed to do. And that's just not something that you can take for granted when said mittens also act as a flask. Of course, the mittens come in pairs, but only one of them holds an extra special secret.

That magical mitten is fitted with a small zippered pocket, and within it is a hidden BPA-free pouch that fits up to 3oz of liquor. Connected to it is a tube that runs through the thumb of the mitten, and it's topped with a bite valve, offering fast emergency access to the booze. After all, a warming solution that only works if mittens are removed, wouldn't be all that practical.

What do you think of these innovative mittens, that might just make winter a more pleasant experience?

 Via: TrendHunter