Don't Waste Time Sleeping: Fight Dragons In Your Dreams

A Lucid dream "is any dream in which one is aware one is dreaming" [1]. Once lucid in a dream, "people can often choose their actions and exert deliberate control over the dream content" [2]

If we can reach the lucid dreaming state more often, we can regain hours of our lives, in worlds built from our imaginations, where anything is possible - like fighting dragons. No wonder the Remee eye mask made headlines in 2012 after raising a whopping $572,891 dollars, 16 times their original goal of $35,000 through their Kickstarter campaign, and it looks like the Aurora by iWinks is following suit.

IWinks Aurora Lucid Dreaming MaskIWinks Aurora Lucid Dreaming Mask

Lucid dream masks work by "flashing a series of light patterns towards your closed eyes when you are in REM sleep. Your task is to interpret the flashing lights as a sign that you are dreaming." [3] Therefore timing and intensity are of paramount importance to ensure the lights aren't too bright to wake you up, yet bright enough to penetrate your dream world. Recognizing the lights in your dream is the hard part - they may show up as sparkles on the ocean, or lights on a Christmas tree.

Remee Lucid Dreaming Mask Lit UpRemee Lucid Dreaming Mask Lit Up

The Remee mask is lightweight and affordable. You can toggle the timing and intensity of the lights via their website, and yet some have labelled it a scam. Perhaps because some users don't get quick, guaranteed lucidity on the first night, or, more likely, because it doesn't detect REM sleep, unlike every other lucid dreaming device on the market. The mask may not be emitting light at the right time during the night to penetrate users' dreams.

 Remee Lucid Dreaming MaskRemee Lucid Dreaming Mask

The Aurora mask by iWinks tackles this by detecting your REM sleep cycles through brainwave and eye-movement activity. Their device has alarm clock functionality to wake you at the optimal moment of your sleep cycle, as well as a platform for out-of-the-box third party app development.

Both the Remee and Aurora compete with high price lucid dreaming masks like The REM Dreamer which retails for hundreds of dollars.

Why not just use a smartphone app? 

Smartphone apps are a good option for people just beginning their experiment with lucid dreaming.  

DreamZ for iPhone and Lucid Dreaming App for Android are affordable because they come without a mask. They induce lucid dreaming through dream audio triggers - "cues" that are designed to blend into your dreams without waking you up, as well as through flashing colored lights.

You can record your own audio messages to play to yourself during the night, make use of their dream log to write down your dreams when you wake up, as well as see statistics of your sleep cycle, all cool functionality if you are interested in accessing your dream world. 

So is this a dream or reality? 

There are thousands of people reading books, popping pills and filling forums with their experiments on lucid dreaming, so it's not a complete delusion, yet, like anything, it needs dedication and effort as well as good tools to achieve, especially on a regular basis. 

If lucid dreaming does have the capacity to unlock our inner potential, and it only costs a few hundred dollars and some restless nights sleep, it's worth exploring.

If you don't have a few hundred dollars to spend, you can always try meditation or Dream Yoga, timeless methods of cultivating awareness that can be transferred into your dreaming state, however it has been found that lucid dreaming light devices can accelerate the process. [2]

Have you experimented with lucid dreaming? What was your experience?






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