Fight the Fat! - Eight Obesity Prevention Ads

Obesity is fast becoming a global epidemic, advertisers have taken a stand and are working to fight the battle against obesity.

1. Sit Where

To help fight the childhood obesity epidemic, the Health Promotion Switzerland foundation has come up with a creative campaign to raise awareness of the issue.

According to Trendhunter, the campaign uses the fact that “Every Fifth Child is Overweight” on stickers placed on creatively designed pieces that instantly grab your attention.

They used a specially designed Tricycle, Sledge, Bicycle and school chair with super-sized seats and the harsh-fact sticker to illustrate the problem.

Source: Trendhunter

2. A Little Cushion

In Korea, this "pillow" was created for New World Fitness Club, in Korea. When people hug the cushion, they feel fat belly. The idea was that it would encourage people to join fitness club and start working out for burning fat.

Source: Ads of the World

3. Stretch

This two page spread from India, stretches across the newspaper; the copy reads: If your waist extends beyond this edge get treated for obesity. Mind & Body. The complete health club.

Source: Ads of the World

4. Get Moving

The German Olympic Sport Federation ran these general awareness print ads with the message: If you don't move, you get fat.

Source: Ads of the World

5. Suicide

The copy on these very powerful print ads reads: Obesity is suicide. But it doesn’t have to end this way. Find out how bariatric surgery can help. The Northern Bariatric Surgery Institute.

Source: Creative Criminal

6. Growing Up or Growing Out?

The top right corner of the ad reads: "Childhood obesity is everyone's responsibility. Including ours. That's why we've been committed to reducing the fat content in our children's food since 2002 and have already removed over 50% of the saturated fat from our entire Captain Kid's range."

Source: Adrants

7. Lost!

Lost Love Handles! This lighthearted print from the Ad Council reads: Lost Love Handles: last seen before taking the stairs instead of the escalator. Take a small step to get healthy:

From the same Lost campaign, there is the following: Lost Spare Tire: last seen before parking farther away at the store and walking. Take a small step to get healthy:

Source: Ad Council

8. Curves

The following series of ads, from the Ad Council makes notes on what they need to do to get the designated dotted line on their already existent curves.

For example:

--Started getting off bus a few stops early and walking to work--
---Gradually worked way up to walking 30 minutes a day, 5x a week---
----Has coworkers wondering who the new guy is----


Other examples from the campaign:


Soccer Mom:

Source:Ad Council

What do you think of these powerful ads? Do they provide any motivation to consumers? Are they effective?