Fi-Hi Musical Bags: Hi Fashion and Great Music

While the I-pod nano has changed the way the world listens to and carries music around, the musical bags by Fi-Hi promise to be an antithesis in more ways that one.

Showcased at the CTIA Wireless 2008, the Fi-Hi bags have a built-in 3-watt stereo amplifier and water resistant speakers that deliver music without using headphones. These trendy bags hook up to iPods, cellphones, MP3/CD players, handheld games or multimedia devices with a 3.5mm stereo mini jack. All it requires are 4 AA batteries to make the music system run for over six hours. The bag can also be hooked onto to any USB device that houses music and draws power from the same, negating the use of batteries.

One will need nerve to carry this bag around as you will be making sure that all those around you are forced to listen to your choice of music, whether they like it or not.

A great way to carry your music and have your party rolling down the highway. The Fi-Hi Stereo Bags are now available on Amazon here.


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Jul 27, 2008
by Anonymous

water proof and how much?

are these speaker in the bags water proof?? say for snowboarding or skiing??

and how much is one bag?

and do you's do free delviry???