FiLIP Gives 4 Year Olds Cell Phone Security


The ages of mobile device carriers is getting lower and lower all the time, but you still don’t often see the pre-kindergarten set packing cell phones. While it may seem a bit ridiculous to get a 4 year old his/her own phone, there are times when it would come in handy. Enter the FiLIP.



This ultra simple phone type device is worn around the wrist (it’s also a watch) and is made to fit most kids in the 4 to 8 age bracket. Made of high-impact rubber material (in four kid-friendly colors), it’s designed to take pretty much whatever punishment kids can throw at it. The FiLIP also has only two buttons. The red button makes calls and the other button scrolls the list of contacts (up to five) that you’ve entered into the phone. The contacts you’ve selected are also the only ones who can call the phone.



FilIP also keeps track of the last 48 hours of your child’s locations, using GPS, GSM cell towers and WiFi hotspots. You can even set SafeSpots and have the phone alert you when your child goes in or out of them.

For added peace of mind, the red button also acts as an emergency device. If it is held down for three seconds it calls an operator who then works down the list of phone contacts until one is reached. That person is then connected with the child.
The FiLIP costs $200 and then has a $10/month AT&T wireless fee.

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