Fill Your Energy Up with the IV Drip Bag USB LED Light

Being hospitalized is no fun but at least we have those warm memories of the life-giving IV drip bag hanging overhead, dispensing vital fluids to fuel your recovery.

Now the Fill Your Energy Up!” IV Drip Bag USB LED Light from JTT Online Shop evokes those special times while shedding soft light upon your now-healthy self. Not only is it “sick”, it's the next best thing to BEING sick!

Each 92-gram (3.245 oz) light houses a cool-running LED bulb sealed separately from the rest of the bag. This is important because like an actual IV drip bag, the fixture can be filled with water or presumably some other liquid (got that, Twilight fans?).

The light functions in wet or dry mode but when filled, imparts a softer, more diffused light that approximates the drugged haze in which you likely spent the bulk of your last hospital stay.

JTT Online Shop offers the IV Drip Bag USB LED Light in your choice of three colored LEDs: White, Blue and Orange. Each one comes with a metal S-hook for easy hanging and an integral USB connecting cable that runs from the light to your laptop or PC – not your arm, dude.

Medical maniacs can also install IV Drip Bag USB LED Lights anywhere in their homes, apartments or college dorms using an available USB AC Adapter that's sold separately for 780 yen (about $10). You can order lights, adapters or both direct from the JTT Online Shop website. Prices are 1,280 yen ($16.40) per light and 1,780 yen ($22.80) per each light + adapter combo. (via Gigazine) In the U.S., you can get the IV Drip Bag USB LED Lights from Amazon here

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