Shower Away Dull Hair And Problem Skin With The Jonathan Product Beauty Water Purification System.

These days it seems like all anyone drinks is bottled or filtered water, yet we still shower in the same old dirty tap water. While it may seem kind of pampered rock star-ish to shower in purified water, doing so can make a big difference to your hair and skin, especially if you live somewhere with particularly bad water. So, if your skin and hair just aren’t looking or feeling the way you want them to, instead of investing in another bottle of shampoo or face wash maybe have a look at the Jonathan Product Beauty Water Purification System.

This easy-to-install water purification system allows you to shower in pH balanced, chemical and heavy metal free water. The system involves a two-stage filter, removing a large portion of chlorine in the first stage and heavy metals like copper and lead in the second stage. While removing the heavy metals the system also add potassium ions to balance the pH.

Users report little to no change in water pressure after installing the system and experience results ranging from softer skin to shinier hair and hair color that lasts longer. To read reviews of the Jonathan Product Beauty Water Purification System or to buy click here

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