Design Your Last Appearance: Your Final Act Of Self Expression:

In many religions, the coffin remains open to friends and family after one dies.  In preparation for the open casket, morticians or embalmers dress the deceased in clothing chosen by the family and props up the face with various fillers. applying makeup in an attempt to make the deceased look ...well, alive.  

But a London mortuary, Leverton & Sons, has now teamed up with make-up company to the stars, Illamasqua, to give funeral goers a sight they will never forget: the deceased's 'Final Act of Self Expression.'



You choose your own clothing or costume... dress as if you were going to a masquerade party or 'fancy dress ball,' as the British call it.  Express the ballerina within .... the poet, the statesman, the queen, the ultimate nerd, if you want. And, of course, you will want to design your make-up to leave your viewers a most lasting impression.  They will never forget you... promise.

The Illamasqua death disguise service is a revolutionary idea, for the Western world, anyway.  As of now, the company is only offering it in the London area in affiliation with Leverton & Sons.  But don't be surprised to see other collaborators making it a trend; one's death could just become a bit more interesting to plan.

Can you think of a better way to go?


source:  Illamasqua