Here's A Bacon Flavor That Makes Sense: Maple Bacon Morning Coffee

Bacon, bacon, bacon. Now that everything else is flavored with bacon -- water, chocolate, vodka, bourbon... lollipops, and even mints! -- finally, the Baca Java Artisan Roasted Coffee Company is flavoring its beans with bacon as well as maple! Now this makes sense!

Yes, waking up to the smell of fresh coffee, bacon, and maple syrup helps get you get you out of bed, but oh those calories.... the fat that accumulates in your arteries.... But these odors are from a flavored cup of coffee: The Maple Bacon Morning coffee!

Maple and bacon is something that naturally goes with coffee; they are traditional breakfast flavors. Here's the question though: Does the coffee quench your yearning for such a tasty, rich, breakfast or does it intensify that desire? Wouldn't it be great if, after you ate your oatmeal, you could reward yourself with a delicious Maple Bacon Coffee that didn't make you even hungrier for bacon and maple syrup?

The respondents to Baca Java's questionnaire about its Maple Bacon Morning Coffee are giving the special brew high marks, ones that suggest the flavored beans are not gimmicks, but that the coffee is genuinely tasty.

Reading through the remarks, I didn't find an answer to the question I posed above. I'll try the coffee. What about you? When you try the Maple Bacon Morning Coffee, please let us know your experience in the comments section below!

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Dec 4, 2008
by Anonymous

I must buy this.....

I must buy this.....

Dec 5, 2008
by Anonymous


I don't like regular coffee so I wouldn't drink this bacon coffee???!!!