Finally! Find Out If People Really Like Their Jobs At Top Companies plays into the trend of transparency tyranny by allowing people to look through the office doors of major organizations and see what it's really like to work there. Employers can setup their own accounts to encourage their current staff members to provide their ratings and opinions; all under the veil of anonymity.







The idea is not new; corporations have been getting their employees to complete confidential assessments regarding their experiences for ages, but Glassdoor broadcasts it on the internet for future recruits and employment hopefuls to judge whether or not they want to work there.

In order to sign up, users must first provide a review of their current employer in the "you tell me yours, I'll tell you mine mentality" to gain access to the reviews they're interested in. Glassdoor provides information on more than 32,000 companies around the world as well as over 7,000 salary reviews, which has continued to grow since their launch this summer.

Information isn't totally out-of-bounds for those non-account holders, they can view the pros, cons, advice to senior management and salary comparison of four dominant businesses; Google, Yahoo!, Cisco and Deloitte. And though I did mention in a recent article that Google topped this year's Best Companies To Work For list, the Product Manager's review which is made available on the site outlines more cons than pros, which includes stating that it's "The #1 springboard, but not a nice place to grow old". So it goes to show you why current, personal reviews by employees may provide more perspective into how people REALLY feel about working there.












With two big industry players behind the venture, Robert Hohman and Rich Barton who have had involvement with major companies like Expedia, Microsoft, and know what it takes to make a successful business.

Glassdoor's on the right track by filling an open market that currently has no other competitors with critical acclaim and business growth ahead of them on the horizon.