Finally! An App That Cures Laziness!

I'm a procrastinator. I've even procrastinated about writing this article. I read somewhere that you only procrastinate on the things you don't want to do. But then I read somewhere else that procrastination is good for you. Who knows.

According to this article yesterday in the Guardian, it's about sucking it up and realising I am weak.


Perhaps there's another way? Isn't there an app for this?

Of course there is. And today it's free. It's called Finish, and it's built by two teenagers, because teenagers these days seem to have the answers to all of our problems.

It was launched in Jan 2013 to help high school students stop procrastinating (personally I can't blame high school students for procrastinating, Facebook is a lot more fun than Physics) and won an Apple Design award for it's UI. Not bad for two teenagers.

Finish App For ProcrastinationFinish App For Procrastination

With 50,000 paid downloads, it's freemium "try before you buy" model launched today. It will allow you to put in up to 10 tasks before you have to pay.

I'm using it now, and just the idea of the app is helping me to get sh*t done, but I can't say I agree with their branding: “There's scarcely a more satisfying feeling than checking off tasks in Finish”.... It would be a pretty pathetic existence if checking off tasks was the most satisfying part of your day. But ok, I will agree that it does feel good.

But let's remember kids: procrastination doesn't always need to be tackled. The legendary John Cleese argues that taking your time and tolerating the anxiety of not having a solution are crucial to exceptional creativity.

Well at least I got this article finished using Finish. You can download it and try it out for yourself here.