Finally! A How-To Manual For The Budding Evil Genius

Evil geniusing comes to the masses with Robert Iannini's book "Electronic Gadgets for the Evil Genius: 28 Build-it-yourself Projects"

Really, if the title isn't enough to get you going, you may just not be evil genius material.

The book of evil geniusing covers ways to build a number of interesting and potentially deadly objects like light sabers, phaser cannons and super-sensitive listening devices. For many of us, these are items we've always dreamed of owing, but have been consistently disappointed in the stunning lack of mass production of such devices.

No more! Now, armed with knowledge of both science and evil, we have the opportunity to create the destructive gadgetry of our dreams!

Sort of.

While the book is true to its title, there are a few points to be borne in mind. The first is that the book is no simple beginner's guide - detailed technical specs and schematics abound, and many of the components needed in some of the higher-powered projects put out potentially lethal amounts of electricity. In short - this is not a book for children or evil geniuses that had trouble with the "Mensa" puzzle in the back of their Archie comic.

Next, bear in mind that while many of the projects are listed at being under $100, that figure is typically for the "basic" version, which will not include all of the fancy bells and whistles. In order to purchase advanced parts (many of which have their exact details left out), readers are referred to the author's company and Web site.

Reviews on Amazon are mixed, with some saying the company, Information Unlimited, sells good products at a fair price, and others loudly proclaiming that they could not find any information, let alone any products, for sale on the site. What was agreed upon by both camps was that the total cost was often much higher than stated in the book.

Still, the volume is a good read if nothing else but to learn that these devices can actually be built, and with a fairly average level of knowledge. Even if the book is never used, having it on a coffee table would certainly make for some interesting conversation, and if you ever decided you really did need that working light saber, you'd have the plans to go ahead and get it built ASAP.

Sure, the book isn't perfect, but if we've learned anything from countless hero vs. villain movies, neither are evil geniuses. They tend to reveal their plans too early, rely on elaborate and untried technology and live in the most impossible of lairs.

All you need to do is buy a book and get your evil on.

Interested, you mad genius, you? Check it out at Amazon.


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