Finally A Smart Elizabethan Collar: The EezyEat4Pets


Do you notice anything out of place about the cat in this photo?  Yes, he's wearing an elizabethan collar... but he's also eating.  Pets can't eat with e-collars on their necks; everyone knows that they need to be removed first.  Except if he's wearing this new pet protection product called EesyEat4Pets.


 EesyEat4Pets e-collar, lower section detached: © EesyEat4Pets.comEesyEat4Pets e-collar, lower section detached: ©


Invented by a British woman, Joanne Hobson, EesyEat4Pets functions the same way other e-collars function, providing a wide halo around your pet's head to prevent her from biting, licking, and scratching medically treated areas of her body, such as her legs, tummy, or tail.  


 EesyEat4Pets e-collar: © EesyEat4Pets.comEesyEat4Pets e-collar: ©


With the e-collars available up to now, the owner must remove the entire collar before a pet can eat or drink and then immediately replace the collar when he is finished.  But the EesyEat4Pets has a removable section on the underside of the collar that attaches to the rest of the collar with Velcro®, so you don't have to go through the troublesome process of taking the whole collar on and off every time your pet feeds.


EesyEat4Pets e-collar complete: © EesyEat4Pets.comEesyEat4Pets e-collar complete: ©


EesyEat4Pets e-collar even fits a pet rabbit: © EesyEat4Pets.comEesyEat4Pets e-collar even fits a pet rabbit: ©


The EesyEat4Pets is a marvelously simple invention that's practical, efficient and a long time coming.  Kudos to Ms. Hobson.  The EesyEat4Pets is available in 9 sizes on her website and she invites veterinary and pet store resellers as well as individual customers.


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