Finally--Bacteria-Created Biofabric That Looks Just Like Human Skin!

At long last, a fabric more nauseating to look at than rayon! No, it's not freshly harvested human skin, but it looks just as appealing. Rather, this new wonder material is called Biofabric and is made from bacteria--that's right, the same little organism responsible for cottage cheese, cholera and syphilis, too!

Biofabric--The Bacterial Connection Between Clothing and You!Biofabric--The Bacterial Connection Between Clothing and You!

Biofabric's designer, Suzanne Lee, discovered that by combining a mixture of yeast, bacteria and sweetened green tea in a bathtub, a bacterial film would form. As the resulting bacterial cellulose (a.k.a. pond scum) dried, she found that the substance matted into a type of fabric. She also observed that the surface could be stained with fruit and vegetable dyes such as turmeric, indigo and beetroot (do I hear your tummy rumbling yet?).

 Can be used to create men's fashions, too!Can be used to create men's fashions, too!

Interesting? I guess. But I can't see making a bridesmaid dress out of this stuff (although my sister might). Plus the thought of this "papyrus-like" material next to my skin sort of gives me the creeps (unless I want to create an outfit to go with my "Leatherface" mask...)

And what happens if you are like me and sweat like a linebacker during summer training camp when walking up a flight of stairs? Does the Biofabric dissolve? Even worse, how does it hold up in a rainstorm?

This "Biofabric from bacterial cellulose" claims to be an environmentally friendly product, one of the ultimate goals being: "to grow a dress in a vat of liquid..." A noble goal for sure, but I can only recommend biofabric for the truly fashion adventurous--and definitely not for anyone taking antibiotics.

Source: Gizmodo


Jul 20, 2010
by Anonymous

Uses other

Faux skin for burn victims, otherwise I cant see using this, very macabre & very
Holocaust for me & Im a Non Jew.

Must for burn victims alone.