Financial Fashion: The IRS Tax Form Dress

With the 2009 tax deadline, for financial earnings between January 1, 2009 and December 31, 2008 it's not surprising to see the unique fashion creation that uses tax forms as its medium. The Tax Form Dress is a simple design that uses few materials, with tax forms that make up the majority of the fashion garment. Read on to learn more about this innovative fashion item and just how it was created.

Singer Britt Savage and creator of the IRS Tax Form Dress clearly had her taxes on her mind when she created this unique fashion. The form of the dress was created by having herself wrapped in duct tape, then cut out of it. The dress is made entirely of duct tape, glue and of course, the tax forms and took about a month to create when following some preliminary sketches of the garment.

Britt Savage created the IRS Tax Form Dress to make a unique fashion statement at a performance that took place last week. Can't wait to see what other interesting fashions she might come up with next.

Via: Neatorama