Find Out How Big Your Brain Is With the Biggest Brain iPod Game

We've all seen an influx of "brain testing" and "brain training" apps and games for the iPhone or the iPod Touch but Who Has The Biggest Brain? offers a unique and funny take on gauging your smarts by telling you how big your brain is after a series of tests.

Do you have the brain of a Neanderthal or do you have what it takes to boast of a Calcubot brain?

The Game

The game is simple. Play through four tests and Who Has The Biggest Brain? will give you the size of your brain based on the accuracy of your answers. There are four categories of tests that you have to go through: Calculation, Memory, Logic, and Visual. Different games are available for each of these but only one type of game per test is initially made available; the others still have to be unlocked as you play along.

Calculation will obviously test your mathematical skills and you will be facing a lot of numbers in this category. Most of the games require you to fill in the blanks with either the right numbers or symbols of operations. Other games include showing you a set of scales and having you pick which of the objects are heavist; counting the number of blocks given a certain arrangement; choosing puzzle pieces that will complete a picture that you have been given; and choosing the end point that a car will reach if it were to turn at every junction in its path.

The first time I played Who Has The Biggest Brain?, I got ranked with a Neanderthanl brain that was an estimated 1387 cubic centimers in volume. The biggest brain that you can get is the Neuronian while the lowest ranking is brain is well, that of an amoeba. (Do amoebas even have brains? I think not!)

The Good

Who Has The Biggest Brain? is fun as it is challenging. The bright and pastel-colored graphics offer a more gamelike feel while the tests range from simple to challenging. The one-minute time limit per test also ramps up the pressure and degree of difficulty and finding out your brain size and what type of brain you have is always a part of the game to look forward to.

The Bad

Like all other games that claim to assess your brain level or size or smartness, the tests in Who Has The Biggest Brain? can be played repeatedly and practiced. While these options are good for you to "train" your brain or perform some mental exercises, they can also make the games more repetitive and less challenging at the same time. 

The Verdict

Play Who Has The Biggest Brain? in your spare time or during your lunch break, again and again or just once a day. The good news is that you can get a full brain size assessment in as little as four minutes because that's all the time it takes to finish all four tests designed to weed out the smartypants from the cavemen.

Get Who Has The Biggest Brain? for your iPhone or iPod Touch here: iTunes App Store.