How Prepared Are You For an Earthquake? Find Out by Playing Beat The Quake

If there's one thing that the earthquake in Japan has taught us is that it pays to be prepared. While the damage that Japan has experienced is devastating, it could have been worse had their government and people failed to take the necessary precautionary measures.

Japan should then serve as an example for the rest of the world when it comes to preparedness and disaster relief when it comes to natural catastrophes.

There is a wealth of information available readily on the net on what you can do to prepare yourself if an earthquake or some other natural disaster were to happen. You can either read about them–or learn what to do by playing a game like Beat the Quake.

Beat the Quake is an interactive flash game that is simple yet informative. Basically you are presented with a typical living room setting with some pretty common objects lying around. You task is to click on these objects and select one course of action from three available options. For example, you can click on the widescreen television on the stand and a window prompting you for an action to "secure your TV" will appear.

The game is simple enough but with one added challenge: you have to move fast because an earthquake is going to come at any given moment, even if you're not yet done securing everything and screwing them all in place.

Beat the Quake also shows you the possible hazards of the room so you will be more aware of what to look for if you find yourself stuck. Clicking on the red "Be Prepared" button will give you a bare view of the room where you can move your mouse over the objects and click on them to see what possible harm they pose if they remain unchecked.

Beat the Quake was developed as a joint project by the Earthquake Country Alliance and Home Depot.

You can play the game here: Beat the Quake