Find Out the Top Sites of Any Topic with WebListy

Do you own a website?  Do you ever wonder how sites stack up in different categories?  Wouldn't you just love a site that compares you to regional or world-wide website popularity without having to track your site with adware or embedded coding?  WebListy is a typical search tool that will allow you to find the most relevant and popular sites in any category you search for.  No Google Analytics required!

 For those that may own a website, the idea of relative competition is always on the mind.  You may wonder how your site is doing compared to others of a comparable format.  Certainly you've looked into several services that claim to give you statistics on what the most popular site in your target area, but for a simple idea of what's out there, WebListy does the trick.

 The site needs no instructions, really.  You put in your topic search and WebListy will show you the top sites.  You can search by different countries, specifically, or you can do a world-wide search.  Either will give you almost an endless list of sites that match up with your given search topic.

What the site really needs is more accuracy.  We all like to  check up on how our site is doing.  Discovering new websites on any given topic is also a great use of WebListy, as well.  But when it really comes down to it, isn't regular old Google doing this already?  The concept of WebListy is one that holds a lot of potential, but needs more options before it can really stand out from the pack in terms of usefulness.