Find The Right Spot In The Sun With A Sun Calculator

One of the trickiest parts of gardening is making sure that the place you want to plant is getting the proper amount of sun. That one perfect spot may not be quite as perfect as you thought. Now you can find out ahead of time with the Luster Leaf Suncalc Sunlight Calculator.

 Luster Leaf Suncalc Sunlight CalculatorLuster Leaf Suncalc Sunlight Calculator

Even for a seasoned gardener it can be difficult to ascertain whether or not certain areas are truly in full sun long enough to make sun-loving plants grow well. Now it is easy to accurately measure the amount of sunlight in a specific area with this sunlight calculator.

All gardeners need to do is place the calculator in the desired location and turn it on for 12 hours to measure the amount of sunlight. There is no need to interpret complicated numbers or color shades with the Luster Leaf Suncalc Sunlight Calculator. The results are easy to read and understand -- full sun, partial sun, partial shade, or full shade.

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