Find A Surrogate Mother With Rent-A-Womb Business That Outsources Indian Uteruses

Infertility is no laughing manner, and while finding a surrogate to carry your child is serious business; one just can't help but smirk at Surrogacy Abroad, a company that outsources surrogacy to India. Renting a womb, or outsourcing a uterus; no matter which way you look at it, this is one business concept that is out of this world.

Couples who are infertile or find themselves unable to conceive, travel with Surrogacy Abroad to Hyderabad, India for 15 days to have their embryos implanted in a surrogate mother. Surrogacy abroad can also source egg donors for In Vitro Fertilization or perform IVF treatments upon any eligible mother.

According to Surrogacy Abroad, most of their surrogates are Indian mothers between the age of 25 and 35 with their own families. Potential surrogate mothers are screened intensively, which includes an in-depth psychological assessment. While Surrogacy Abroad doesn't say as much, these women must recognize how quickly and easily they can multiply their normal annual incomes by becoming surrogate mothers. Not only do they have the opportunity to further the financial standing for their families, the surrogate mothers also receive around the clock care and superior living arrangements. Some might call it exploitation, but Surrogacy Abroad wants to sell it as luxury; so you decide.

Using a surrogate mother from India costs about $35,000; while this may sound steep, it is only about a third of the cost of IVF treatments, medical care and surrogacy in the US. The total cost includes all travel and accommodation arrangements for the Intended Parents, as well as start-to-finish medical and pregnancy care for the surrogate mother in India. Surrogacy Abroad doesn't seem to trust their surrogate mothers to live up to American standards of living either, so before the 2nd trimester of pregnancy, surrogate mothers are housed in accommodations superior to their own, provided with on-call doctors and care staff, given access to nutritional meals, and sent maternity wear to keep their pregnancy comfortable.

While the decreased cost may be a good reason for couples unable to have children to use Surrogacy Abroad's outsourced Indian fertility, one definite drawback (human rights issues and exploitation of the potentially desperate aside) is that all contracts and legalities surrounding the surrogacy are drawn up in India. Should the surrogate pregnancy not go as planned, it's hard to say if the legal documents regarding the surrogacy could hold up in an American court of law.

Surrogate agencies are common in North America, and there's no contesting that these businesses are great resources for childless or infertile couples who want to have a baby. But, is outsourcing North American surrogate services to India ethical? Is Surrogacy Abroad bettering the lives of Indian surrogate mothers, or is this business utilizing a form of manipulative exploitation? You decide.

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