Find Treasure the Fun Way With the RC Metal Detector Buggy

I now live roughly two blocks from the beach.  And while growing up in this environment has somewhat diminished the beauty of my surroundings, I still like it.  I'm just at the point to where I'm really tired of getting sand stuck in my butt crack.  And in all of those other areas in my nether-regions.

Regardless of the sand thing, I've never been a fan of flopping on a towel and melting like a blob of bacon fat to insure a delicious tan.  Even with a book in hand I feel miserable.  It's not that it's boring... but c'mon...  To sit in the environmental equivalent of the largest oven ever (the WORLD itself) and not do anything to keep from frying is just... well, insane.

So, I've always been the type of person who has to actually have an outdoor activity to keep me under God's spotlight.  Metal detectors have provided quite a diversion to the heat in my past.  But I never thought that I'd see something as cool as this:

The Metal Detecting Dune BuggyThe Metal Detecting Dune Buggy

Yeah, I know.  It looks like a little futuristic dune buggy.  And though little Billy will have fun zooming it around from up to 25 feet away, he'll have no idea that he's hunting for dropped quarters and dimes.

It operates like any other RC car, with the controls allowing for forward, backward, left, and right movement.  But, unlike it's little zippy brothers out there, this little buggy can detected iron-based metals buried down to 4 inches.  When it finds a suitable target, it beeps and flashes a red LED light to alert you of potential booty (that's treasure... not... well, you know... booty).  Sensitivity of the metal detector can be changed based on the environment; just twist a little dial on the buggy.

A slight cheese factor comes into play: three fake metal "gold" coins and two digging tools are included.  And while it would be sort'a fun to bury the "treasure" and have someone else attempt to find it, I'm all for simply diving in and finding safety pins and stuff-and hopefully something of actual value...  My first goal would be to find at least $50.00 to cover the cost of this little whopper.

This does, however, but a crimp on my beach style.  I could operate this little buggy from the sizzling discomfort of my sand encrusted beach towel.  I'll figure something out...

Go to Hammacher Schlemmer for your very own way cool Metal Detecting Dune Buggy!

UPDATE: This item is no longer available. Another radio controlled dune buggy with pretty good review is available here.

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