The Fine Art of Drinkable Art

Artist Hannes Broecker's installation of colorful blocks of drinkable art opened in Dresden, Germany earlier this week, enticing gallery attendees to partake of the fine art of drinking, alongside the mighty fine art itself.

tequila sunrise?tequila sunrise?

This "Drink Away the Art" exhibit consisted of a series of flat, glass containers holding an array of fascinating, if questionable-looking, libations, all tapped and ready for imbibing. Apparently, as the evening drew on the art the art disappeared with the drinks, and my guess is the onlookers took bets as to what color would be left standing at the end of the night.

the night is youngthe night is young

I bet there was some interesting conversation that night. Amidst discussions about the bold and diminishing levels of drinkable color, the clean aesthetic and the elusive artistic mission behind it all, I wouldn't be surprised if you heard something like, "Quick, let's get more of that Screwdriver before it goes dry, " or very sophisticated musings like, "Your tongue is green." Let's just hope it was chilly in the gallery because everyone knows there's no ice in Europe, and those artistic concoctions personally look like they could use a cube or two.

Source: thecoolhunter

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