FineT Gourmet Tea Machine Is Finalist In 2009 Housewares Awards

As a coffee drinker, I would like to know what a perfect cup of tea tastes like. I can find out for $279 or I can wait until my tea-drinking neighbors buy the FineT Gourmet Tea Machine and let me have a go at it. According to the judges of the 2009 Housewares Design Awards, the FineT is a solid winner under the electric tea-pot dome.



The FineT Gourmet Tea Machine combines all the essentials of a delicious cup of tea: water temperature, type of tea and infusion times are all factored in. Water quality, of course, is also a factor, but you will need to determine that. The electric tea maker uses the infusion method to steep loose tea leaves in perfect temperature water for as long as that particular tea needs to be brewed, and it has seven settings to accommodate the gourmet tea you choose.

The infusion chamber within the FineT machine ensures that the water temperature is maintained during the infusion time, so your tea is poured at the perfect temperature and will be maintained at that temperature for 30 minutes on the FineT hot plate.

Please feel free to let me know which gourmet tea leaves would give me the best introduction to a fine cup of tea made with the FineT maker. I'm definitely going to recommend it to my neighbor!

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