Finger Guardz Helps To Keep Your Toddler Happy

It's more than a notion keeping your little one out of harm's way as they explore the world around them.  And although you can't save children from every scrape, fall, or minor accident, you can provide a safer environment for them to thrive. That's where Finger Guardz comes in.

Finger Guardz acts as a barrier between the child and the play area. Still in the prototype phase, Finger Guardz was created by Michael J. Brown, an inventor, as a way to keep his two boys safe from slamming fingers in doors. The objective was a simple one: “Keeping kids safe from household dangers with visually engaging solutions.” With this is mind, he set to work on his invention. Getting aid from, a crowd-funding website that helps creative projects success by connecting potential customers with potential makers, Brown is now accepting pre-orders for the product. To this end, funds pledged, go towards the initial run of manufacturing for Finger Guardz units only if the pledge is met.

An example of a Finger Guardz prototype.An example of a Finger Guardz prototype.

Once the Kickstarter campaign successfully completes, and an initial production run has been made, you will receive your Finger Guardz. Then product placement will be sought among major retailers nation-wide to help make Finger Guardz available to parents everywhere.

By becoming a backer of this project and pre-ordering on Kickstarter, you:

  • Get rewarded 'x' number of Finger Guardz, based on your pledge amount
  • Get the satisfaction of knowing you helped kickstart the production of Finger Guardz for retail sale
  • Get to be the first person anywhere with Finger Guardz in their home, long before they are even available on store shelves.

For more information about Finger Guardz and inventor Michael J. Brown, click here.